Flow Field of Energy


Flow Field of Energy is a video mapping project that explores the therapeutic and transformative aspect of tattoos. Based on art therapy research and interviews, moving images were created and projected on the model Zhizi's stunning full-back tattoo visualizing the transformation from the tattoo experience.

According to the tattoo artist Jiuji, these patterns indicate a form of flowing energy inside Zhizi's body. During making of this tattoo, the more Zhizi suffered physically, the stronger she became mentally. This whole process has been a rebirth to her.


Immediately going from the surface of skin deep down to nerve endings, sense of pain becomes a sharp reminder of being alive and realization of existence. The bleeding from the tattoo has also been a renewal of energy and takes negative minds away.


Getting to know more about Zhizi after a few weeks of talks and meetups, I made visuals symbolizing the transformation resulted from her tattoo, changing from stage to stage: feeling the pain, burst of energy and rebirth. While uncovering the positives of pain, Flow Field of Energy also highlights the essentially healing role a tattoo plays which is often overlooked under its seemingly hurtful appearance.

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