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Curated by QIE MEDIA, I was invited to join The Artist Invitational to create something based on their logo. In this procedural modeled piece, I deconstructed, re-imagined, and re-created the form and motion of the 2D logo in a 3D world.

Visuals made with Houdini. Sound made with Ableton Live.

The logo design reminded me of geometrical art style, where a more complex shape being created with various of primitive shapes. From old-school drawing machine to more modern approaches like code art, we’ve seen numerous applications of creating artworks by manipulating basic geometries. Generative art has also been one of the main directions that I’m exploring in. For this collaboration, I'm hoping to take QIE MEDIA logo as a starting point to explore how geometries can be reconstructed and transformed into art in the computational world.

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