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The Fruit of the Bodhi is a meditative short film documenting the restaurant Bodhi from Christmas 2019 through a year in the pandemic. Narrated by Kent Zhang, the immigrant owner, it prescribes a treatment for the challenges and hardships in our life by returning to our roots and traditions and applying the ancient wisdom of Buddhism. Facing the public health crisis today, Bodhi has sought to enhance the health of the individual at the same time as maintaining the health as a collective. Kent uses food as a method to heal the wide variety of communities that Bodhi serves (Chinese, vegan, Buddhist, Daoist, Kosher, and Muslim), repairing social cohesion and bringing back the old memories and tastes around tables. At the end of the day, everyone can get some wisdom out of food even if it's just from fortune cookies.

In this project, my roles include creating the opening VFX, title animation, meditation VFX and poster design.

Media coverage: BIE别的

Film poster:

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