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Green Screen Test

I've said that I would be using green screen to film myself wearing the mask and bring it into a 3D scene many times, so today I finally implemented it.

I filmed the green screen footage and brought it into AE, did some keying and then put it into Blender. I created a simple scene with some cubes and lights, and duplicated a video layer to make it look like there were two people walking in different directions. The clearing of green background is very rough now, but putting footages into 3D did add a dramatic layer to the simple recordings. Next step I will try to improve the keying effect by adding more lights when filming(to make the green screen brighter and the color more even) and trying more background removal techniques in Blender too.

03/18 Update:

Tried keying in Blender and it looked much better than yesterday. Also tried some other lighting and rendering settings:

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