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Midterm presentation feedback and reflection

The feedback from the crit and the class is mostly around the storytelling, which is still unclear by now. It feels like now I have all the meat but still lack a skeleton to lift them up and move. I will be writing or sketching out a script or a story graph during the spring break and probably combining something I've been learning from Narrative & Dynamic Systems class. I would probably schedule a one on one meeting with the instructor Brad Macdonald on this too.

Richard has referenced to me a work RIDDLES by Marguerite Humeau earlier, and this time Jono also suggested me to look into her works. I visited the website again and found another work MIST really fascinating and relevant to what I'm doing now. It's a series of sculptures of fictional marine creatures showing ritual and spiritual behaviors mourning death and extinction. I like how it's described in a press release:

"The resulting sculptures constitute their synthetic interpretation: They are players in a grand drama; science-fiction in action; actors on a stage; showing (as much as some scientists have begun to tell) that something major is afoot..."

The background story and layout of the work has contributed a lot to elevate the work from beautiful sculptures to provocative artwork on human's dominant influence upon global climate. Other than the work itself I also found the writing really helpful for me to understand this work. This is something I also need to consider in my paper.

Modified schedule:

Week 09: Narratives and storyline

Week 10: Photography plan

Week 11: Remake for final shooting

Week 12: Remake for final shooting

Week 13: Photo/video production

Week 14: Photo/video production

Week 15: Polish and refinement

Week 16: Opening

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