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Starting Thesis 2

TS2 is off to a good start with getting a lot of great feedback and resources from my project review presentation! I'm listing them off here:

About sense:

See Yourself Sensing-Madeline Schwartzman



Each prothesis might enable a new sense and disable another sense. How does this relate your your beaks?



Also there are so many great questions that have inspired me on the next prototype. For example Mia has asked what if I push the concept of confusion to the extreme, and what if the mask confuse/disorient the wearer? Before that I've always been thinking of how the mask would be strange and confusing as a part of the wearer, to another viewer. But what if the wearing experience itself is also confusing to whom is wearing it? This aspect sound really exciting to me and I think I'm gonna explore that in my next prototype.

Chel asked can more people participate in the experience. This is also an important question that I've thinking of all the time. Because of the pandemic, it's not likely that this is gonna be happen in a public space. Last weekend when I was talking to my friends about my thesis, they gave me a suggestion that maybe I could design a mask kit, anyone who receive it can build their own mask following the instruction, and also have some space to improvise and add their own ideas on the design. This sounds like an interesting idea and I could definitely try to design that kit after I decide on more details of specific forms.

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