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Thrust shot 1 + updated timeline

I spent the whole weekend working on this 20 second rendering. First day I was experimenting the best lighting and positioning setup in my room with very limited equipment. After done with the green screen filming and some rough editing, I tried to do the keying in Blender but found it's extremely slow to render. Finally I had to go back to AfterEffects and had more problems with encoding and format. After hours of Googling I finally figured out the solution and get the keying done. The second day I started to 3D model the tunnel for Thrust and designed the material, light and movement. The final rendering of this enter scene took about 4 hours.

I hope after successfully figuring out the whole workflow I could speed things up a little. But for now I think getting the whole video done by April 15th is impossible. I think I can aim for getting two of them done and show the demo for the final presentation:


3/29-4/3: Get 2 other shots for Thrust done and the enter shot for Skins & Bones.

Week 11

4/4-4/10: Individual shots rendering for S&B done and the filming+keying for Breath and Twist.

Week 12

4/11-4/17: put up a rough demo video with the existing shots for the presentation; Individual shots rendering for Breath and Twist done.

Week 13

4/18-4/24: Rendering for the "square" shots done and music production.

Week 14

4/25-5/1: Music production done and final video editing.

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