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Week 2: Balloon Making research

After I uploaded the new idea of using balloons as a material yesterday, I started to think about all the technical difficulties and became a little anxious about having to customize balloons which I have no idea how to. It feels like I need to find a supplier to customize the elastic rubber and make it into balloons which I definitely do not want to. Luckily today I found some other ways to do that by using metallic foil. This video is a life saver:

So basically the process goes like:

  1. design the form and print it on paper

  2. cut out the shape

  3. place the cut paper on a layer of foil and trace the outline on the foil

  4. tape another layer of foil on the table, take the cut foil and place it on top

  5. seal the two layers together along the edge of the shape with a sealing iron

  6. cut again along the edge with a soldering iron

  7. inflate and tie up the opening

Also found some interesting ways to make complicated shapes with the foil balloons on Amazon:

Also found this artist jason hackenwerth who does large scale balloon art:

It could also be interesting to make some sculptural piece with those long and thin latex balloons.

Looking to order some tools and materials this week to test out some forms.

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