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Week 3: Twisting balloons

Twisting balloons is much harder than I thought. The balance, tension and structure are all important to make it a balloon "sculpture". I borrowed some visual language from Jason Hackenwerth's balloon installations, such as the long tail on the end. I'd been doing it for about 4 hours hacking the art of balloon twisting, looking for the best color combination, and balancing the largeness and lightness, etc. I bought this head model so that I could build directly on it instead of my own head to save me a lot of trouble. The photo shooting became very painful because the balloon gets my hair full of static, and the balloons are constantly rubbing my face and made it so itchy. I like the photos when it's little out of focus because of the movement of it, and I think in that way the quality of the material is expressed better.

The literally meaning of "twist" makes me think of the entanglement of relationships, the miscommunication between both sexes, or the two people in the relationship. As I was making it, I felt that the visual language started to have some sexual implications, and I just let it go with it.

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