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Week 4: Prototype-skins and bones

This one is made with wire frame and stretchy fabric to imitate the visual quality of skins and bones. I was trying to create an overall impression of "nudity" with the natural color and softness of the fabric. It speaks to the vulnerability when we open our heart and speak honestly but still at risk being misunderstood and hurt. The stretchiness of the fabric creates tension and the open stitches could be interpreted as open wound. The band on the head also has the implication of wound, hurt and heal.

Making this prototype wasn't a very pleasant experience because I felt that I had little control over the material. Hand bending the wire and hand sewing the fabric make me feel bad about the rough quality and it seems like my making process hasn't really improved since in 7 in 7. Despite the frustration in the making, I finally finished everything in about 6 hours.

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