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Week 6: Digital work inspirations

As I'm thinking of the final form to showcase the masks, I've been doing research on some experimental fashion/photography related projects and found some really good ones:

1. An experimental short film for a fashion brand by Helmut Breinede.

Although I want to reduce the association to fashion as much as possible, I still like how in fashion shows the models all walk into the same space. The juxtaposition makes it easier to compare, to contrast, to interact and to set up a certain mood in the space.

2. AR face filters made by ines.alpha.

Applying my masks in AR could solve problems such as my poor hand-making quality and add interaction to it. But if I've made them in AR at the first place, I don't think I could get where I am now and have so much reflections and intimate experience with them.

3. MASKS by Marcel Piecarski

Although we have different concepts, this work is so nicely done in Houdini. This is something I would want to do if my project is in a digital form.

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